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Homemade yogurt

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Homemade yogurt, Caspian Sea Yogurt is a big different from regular yogurt. Caspian Sea Yogurt is viscous and mellow taste yogurt. Such viscous texture is Caspian Sea Yogurt only! It is not only smooth texture but also its efficacy is hidden by the distinctive viscosity.
And Caspian Sea Yogurt is fermented at room temperature at 20℃〜 30℃, while regular yogurt need a maker to keep the temperature at 40℃. It is also one of reasons why Caspian Sea Yogurt is so popular as "homemade yogurt".


Easy to make it at home

What do you need to prepare? Only culture starter, milk, container and spoon. Just mix starter and milk completely and leave it at room temperature for 24 hours. And you can enjoy to make another yogurt from the yogurt you made over and over again. . Full fat or low fat milk can be used and soya bean milk can be mixed up-to 70% to make soya fermented yogurt.

Healthy and beauty benefits

Living probiotics (Lactococcus cremoris FC) and viscous polysaccharides (EPS) in Caspian Sea Yogurt contributes beneficial health effects for human by improving microflora in your intestine and also increase moisture content in the skin, which is good news for beauty skin..

smooth, creamy texture and not so sour

Yogurt is fermented milk by lactic acid bacteria decomposing lactose in the milk and producing lactic acid.
Vary from lactic acid bacteria, the taste of yogurt is different.
Lactic acid bacteria, Cremoris FC in Caspian Sea Yogurt make mellow and palatable yogurt.

Latest News

Prebiotics natural sweetener, BEET OLIGO from Hokkaido, Japan is started to sell at Meidi-ya.
It makes Caspian Sea Yogurt more tasty and healthy.

Caspian Sea Yogurt Cream Cheese! → how to make

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